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Once again, here I sit…. writing about a year that has come and gone. Each year seems to fly by faster and faster. (I probably even said that in last year’s post) Having such an incredible year come to an end is so bittersweet to me… so many thoughts and emotions run thru my head […]

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My husband and I celebrated 4 years of marriage on October 5th… and we decided we wanted to celebrate in the wonderful city of Seattle, Washington!! Oh how I fell in love with absolutely everything… We traveled all around Seattle, Cannon Beach in Oregon, Portland, and Friday Harbor. Everything was completely perfect. Seattle, I hope […]

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Today…. at 2:46pm I will turn 27 years old. I know the exact time by heart because my sweet mother always reminds me every single year of the exact time I “graced her presence with coming in to this world”. I’ve always wanted to get better at writing personal blog post…. My brother got blessed […]

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Instagram Lovin’

I love me some Instagram! It’s an iPhone app that is all about photos that you create!  So find me on there if you have one! (Ashleigh Jayne) I’d love to connect!! Below are some fun photos I’ve captured with Instagram 🙂

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Be back soon!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to make a short blog post to say I won’t be blogging due to traveling till July 13th! Can’t wait to get back and catch up on post! I have a lot of goodies to show you all! Till then…. ::hugs:: …and because blog post are always more lovely with photos… […]

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