Katie | Bridal

I seriously adore all my lovely brides that come from the Cut Off area….(waaaay down south) They are the sweetest people you will ever meet… and Katie was one. Love this girl to pieces and happy to share some of the images we captured at her bridal session.

The light was at its creamiest that day…

Ugh. Take me back. xoxo


Bristol | Cake Smash

I’m THRILLED to announce I am now offering Cake Smash Sessions for 1 year olds!! I’ve never felt like I was a great family or children’s photographer….. You have to be a child whisperer and I’m totally ok to admit I am not this. Ha! BUT!! I have fallen in love with 10 month olds. I’ve always joked saying it’s truly the BEST age. I somehow am able to manage those. Ha ha ha. I still don’t offer family or children sessions, but Cake Smashes I do! 🙂 Please spread the word and if you’re interested in getting more information about booking one of these cute little sessions, contact me!!

A few months ago I had such fun capturing this cute little thing…. Miss Bristol.

Today is her birthday 🙂

Enjoy! xoxo


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