Weekend Delights

Just a few lovelies I found this past weekend while searching the internet. Enjoy another dose of Weekend Delights! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Happy Monday!

1. {Fresh Homes} So I’m super stressed and excited all at the same time with getting ideas for our house we’re going to build this year! It’s one of our biggest goals for 2010 and anyone that has built a home before, I’m sure you can relate to the stress. Our style is contemporary/modern. With the way I “desire” to build my house, I should not be living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This website, Fresh Homes has some of the best ideas if you love a contemporary style house. The picture of the kitchen is an idea of how I’d love mine to look. We shall see…!!

2. {Ruche} I found this lovely this past weekend and I’m addicted! It’s so my style with the vintage/modern feel to the clothing and jewelry. It actually is super affordable too which always makes things nice 🙂

3. {Amy Atlas Events} This website/blog has some SUPER eye candy/drool worthy goodies! Guess this picture just really got me all giddy about Valentine’s Day coming up and all the yummy goodness that comes with that holiday! Go check her blog out – there’s all kinds of fun things!

4. {Pallas Couture Bridal Gowns} Ummm… yes please!!! How seriously gorgeous are these two dresses? Honestly, every time I see breathtaking wedding gowns… I want to buy one, just because. I’m the type of girl, if I could, re-do my wedding once every three months just so I can wear different gowns and style it out with different themes. ::sigh:: but for now… I will just continue to feast my eyes on them. P.S. Can one of my brides pick one of these dresses? Please, for me?

5. {La Vieja Tun Tun} How fun is that name?! Not sure what it means… but it sounds fun and it sure does match the fun jewelry she sells on Etsy! I’ve been falling in love with these necklaces!! With making jewelry in the past, I have a deep love for handmade jewelry. So much time and energy goes in to each one of a kind piece!! La Vieja Tun Tun, I’m a huge fan!!! Keep up the good work!

6. {Fantasy Floral Designs} My last Weekend Delights post I showed that amazing vintage brooch bouquet I found on The Wedding Chicks blog! Remember!? Amanda from Fantasy Floral Designs is back with some additional vintage love for you. Amanda is now designing love letter bouquets. The bouquets are actual real vintage love letters from the 1930’s. I mean… seriously, how awesome?

7. {Bird in a cage bride} I’m still diggin’ the hair piece accents. They seriously spice up photo shoots… PER-fect accessory for an engagement shoot! Brides, take note!

8. {Peppermint Cloud} So once again, I find a super cute store on Etsy. Nothing but unique jewelry, head pieces, and boutonnieres!! The boutonnieres are a must see!! I wish I would have found these for my wedding… I adore one of a kind looking goodies. Go see!!

9. {The Perfect Wedding Guide} February 21st, 2010 in Baton Rouge at the River Center will be the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal show! I’ll have a booth there, so make sure you come say hi! If you are a new bride, you won’t want to miss out on this! Check the website out for details!

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